How to Deal when People are Fasting

The picture of the mosque was taken when I visited Mamuju months ago. It was framed from the windown of the hotel I stayed for couple days. In the background laid the hill with “Mamuju City” written on its top.   There were some significant differences when it comes to fasting month. Back when I was…

Blame Us, The Generation who Speaks Peace and Tolerance

Blame us, the generation who made friends with literally multi nation people and traveled to many other countries, where comfort zone is to understand other people’s values, principal cores, and act tolerance wherever we put our heads to sleep. Blame us, the generation who think that being offended because of satirical jokes are illogical. Blame us, the generation who choose to be religious but also choose to value people on their qualities, rather than their wealth, their races, or their families. And blame us, the generation who will not let this to fall in front of our eyes.

Decorate Your Piggy Bank with SIGI Makassar

When weekend comes, find out how you can help the community Sahabat Indonesia Berbagi (SIGI). Check out their official page: Donation to BNI bank account # 0271999806